"Trial Edition" of "ComiPo!."

Please download a free trial version.

This program is "Trial Edition" of "ComiPo!.

Expiration date is (3/ 31 / 2017).

* You can only create 1 page of 'Four panel comic (half vertical size)'.
* You can not save or import Comic Files.
* The number of parts to Create Character is limited.
* The number of items to use is limited.
* Functions of "Export Image File" is limited.
* You can not use "Import User Image".
* You can not use additional downloaded data.

You can not use this software for business or commercial purposes.
It is prohibited to modify and analyze this software.
We do not take any responsibility for any loss or damage that occurred
due to use of this software.
Author / @howldog2006

System Requirements

PCs manufactured 2006 and later
OS : English Windows Vista / 7(32bit/64bit)
CPU : Pentium 4 2.0GHz or more
Installed memory : 1GB or more
HDD space : 1GB or more
Display : 1024 x 768 or more
Graphic Card : DirectX 9.0c compatible.
(VRAM 128MB or more, Pixel Shader 2.0 or more)

* To obtain the latest information of "ComiPo!", connecting to
the internet is necessary.
Please use ComiPo! with a Windows PC that can connect to the internet.

How to uninstall

Please use "ComiPo! Uninstall" from "ComiPo!" in the Windows Start Menu.

If you also want to delete created-character data, select of
"Delete created user data" and proceed with the uninstall.

Price and Purchase Information

If you want to know about the commercial version of "ComiPo!",
please see this page.

ComiPo! Support

For any other questions and comments, please use this page.

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