Introduction of the 'ComiPo!'

Comics-sequencing software ComiPo! interface is extremely simple. First you decide frames, and then you place the characters on each frame by drag and drop. Rub your mouse to change the angles of your character. Then all you have left is to punch in lines for your own scenario! You can choose your charactors haircut, colour, clothes and facial expressions by clicking sample from the pull-down menu. ComiPo! has vast data for the background images built in, as well as your own photographs. Calligraphic, typographic expressions including Japanese 'manpu style' writings are also available by simply clicking on the menu.

‘Distinction details’ such as haircuts, hair-colour, raised eyes, drooping eyes or funny facial expressions, eye-colour, glassese, spiky-hair or ponytail are essential point for characterizing. You can choose these from ‘additional parts menu’ and make your own fancy charators.

All the character samples are 3 dimensional, which means you can simply control angles and zoom in/out. If the pose you want is little difficult with this, simply choose the pose from the ready-made ‘pose-database’. Fashion-details such as accessories, clothes and shoes are regularly updated to download on our web-site.

ComiPo! has a vast variety of illustrated landscape data itself. But if you want to use your own photographs for the landscapes, CompiPo! will manipulate them into comic-style illustrations.

Choose the type of word-balloon you want by drag and drop. ComiPo! has a large variety of word-balloon shapes. Once you choose the type you want, you will only need to edit the size and direction of the balloon. Make your own scenario with calligraphic styles writings. ‘Manpu’ marks are sweat, tear, and anger expressions for Japanese manga. They are also available in ComiPo!