Report of Y2xVOCALOID CAFE! Also see shots of cosplay-casts #vocafe #vocaloid

■Vocaloid Cafe @Roppongi Hills umu

Welcome to the second report of the temporal Vocaloid Cafe @Roppongi Hills umu. I am going to report about the real scene of the Cafe.
There were about 15 four-seater round tables in the bright and clean Cafe.
And around the tables near wall, goods selling corner,
service counters, hands-on corners of Yamaha, Pioneer, NTT Electronics where we can touch the newest equipments, a stage, and a booth for play 'Hatsune Miku Project DIVA'.
A woman came from Chiba prefecture said 'This is the first time to touch DIVA! I have a PSP version of it, but the game center near my house doesn't have DIVA. It's really good, graphic is so clear'.

We arrived at the Cafe at about 4 thirty. Half of the seats were filled at that time, but all is filled during the interview soon.
Shop assiatants with brilliant vocalo-cosplay are walking around to get orders and bring foods and drinds.

Walked around the shop. We found Vocaloid softwares at special price at the goods selling corner near the entrance. Many of other goods are rare enough to make enthusiasts salivate.
One named 'The father of vocaloid' (1,500 Yen) was conspicuous among other cute vocaloid character goods!

The entrance of the vocaloid shop corner. Such a cute signboard!

So many kind of goods as vocalo-software and rare items! Some were already almost sold out!

Rare vocaloid character goods can be bought here.

'The father of vocaloid' (Mr. Kenmochi) t-shirt with vivid purple and gold. 'It can keep evil spirits away!' a salesman said.

DJ Machine 'DDJ' and the next generation instrument 'tenori-on' can be played at the hands-on corner.
They looks hard to handle but staff guide you how to play them. Design's so cool, you will be satisfied treating such cool instruments.

Cute cosplayed staff direct us how to handle the equipments with smile!

Scratch vocalo-tunes! Feel like DJ even if a beginner.

Live on the stage is open in coffee time. You can play with them.

The scene in the display is Osaka! Synchronized live connected by a communication line. It's surprising!

Many latest technology of each company can be experienced.

Vocaloid on iPad! With a cute staff cosplayed and a man of Yamaha with v sign.

'Project DIVA Arcade' can played free! Staff guide us if you don't understand. Never hesitate.

Cafe menu. We ordered special dishes, 'Mikkumiku ni shita tart (vegetables, and green onion tart)', a special set of 'Gacha soda (special melon soda)', and 'Rei-no Negi Cha-han (green onion fried rice).
Off course, cosplayed staff come to the table to take order. Ureshii☆
You pay when you order at the tayle By the way.

Menu is named after vocaloid culture like 'Road Roller ja nai roll-cake'. Tanoshii☆

Make order from vocalo-cosplayed staff. Can't stop grinned.(^O^)。

A special menu 'Mikkumiku ni shita tart (vegetables, and green onion tart). Design is like green onion.

You may wonder what the 'green onion tart' tasts like... but it's nice unexpectedly!
It's like crumble, not so sweet. Flavor of butter and green onion help each other! We recommend this menu strongly.

'Green onion fried rice' with charmingly displayed green onion on the rice is a real thing, though onion is a little hot!
Totally we were satisfied with all dish. We hope try other dishes.

Paper mat on the table can be taken to your home. If you wish bring it back clean, bringing A3 sized envelope or large cylindrical case is recommended.

*We got 2 kinds of paper mat. We will present them to 3 person who introduced this article on twitter!
Send @ message to @ComiPo_Info with the message 'I want vocalo-cafe mat'!

This is how it's like. Take it with special GACHAPIN-greened Gacha soda!

'Rei-no Negi Cha-han'. Tight tasts, well-fried. Try it!

We attended the event held every daty after cafe's closed. The event was 'the 3rd Doki-Nama acoustic in VOCALOID CAFE'.
'Doki-Nama' is the 'live' (not sung by vocaloids) music event of Vocalo-songs. We can listen them with drinks.

This event had been held several times. Over 150 seats are filled, staff is well-accoustomed. The opning talk was pretty light and clever : 'We serve 2 tickets for drinks today though it's only 1, that's Doki-nama's treat! Please have fun and relax, we'll drink with you tonight...'. And actually they have beer to drink after first act started.

'Doki-nama acoustic live' has started! audience seems very relaxed.

The same Vocalo-song sounds completely different when live artists play. The space was so warm feeling people's enthusiasm though it's very cold outside. It was really confortable.

Vocaloids ordinary be featured as a character contents like Hatsune-Miku. But they are thought as one of the music software here. You may wonder it's really a 'vocaloid cafe' without seeing coaplyed staff. No Mikkumiku stage effects was there.

It's the direction to get back to the original context of vocaloid in a meaning. So, we recommend this event to the users who really expect vocaloid's potential in the future.
The event is also the best place for the people who didn't know about vocaloids at all to meet the special technology first time.
Many may complain about something (especially about the place, Roppongi is o.k, but never at Hills...), but it may be wise to spend good time together with Yamaha, accepting their approach for vocaloid's future.

We could get comments from vocaloid cosplayers specially!

They work in different schedules, have fun expecting who you can meet there.
By the way, you can't take picture of staff and shop free without permission!

'Have fun touching special equipments and playing "Project DIVA". We are waiting for you!'

'You'll miss the exciting feeling if you don't visit here! Let's have fun with us!'

'It's the place you can have many new experience. Just visit here!'

'DDJ is the machine with which you can be a DJ easily. Please try to touch this and experience!'

'Many hands-on corners are waiting for you here. Come and try them.'

'Please come here to meet me!'

We got comments from Yamaha's staff.

We really thank for all the staff accepting interview despite business!

Yamaha's staff:
It's very rare that visitor can touch and play all kind of products of vocaloid (music, character goods, and other related products) in one place. They are usually on different line of sale.
Yamaha provides software. We hope to get closer to not only music creators with vocaloid but people who enjoy music created by them.
And what we hope for visitor is to feel the 'movement' of vocaloid more closer and real.

Mr. Kenmochi (development staff):
The movement of vocaloid had started in internet and diverged into a variety of media. It's no doubt best for us to get high opinions from public, but we believe what important is to keep making effort to make the software better and better. The higher quality of sounds and operation are required now.

We developer of vocaloids want all user to know and experience the fact the voice synthesis technology has been growing up to be used in music! In addition, the technology is now open as everybody can touch whenever they want to.
And, this is also the best chance to touch the newest equipments and technlogy. We hope many people visit here and have fun!