Report of 'Miku-Pa' = 39 (san kyu = thank you) video live <Kashiwa-no-Ha>
Hatsune Miku Live Party 2011
Welsh onion!Miku-Pa♪Welsh onion
39's(san kyu = Thank's) LIVE IN TOKYO

rdered coverage, unfortunately receive nothing. Found 'Negi Yarou (green onion man)' who attended the video live, absent from the company.
We swarmed to him.

Vocalo-K:Hey Mr. Negi Yarou, how was Miku-Pa?

Maseu:Just see through this blog...

Vocalo-K:It seems like... unbelievable, isn't it?

Nuru-Po:SEGA wasn't quite eager to support this event.

Negi-Yarou:The event was not too bad, but what I saw was not what I wanted to see... just see through the blog Mr. Maseu checked.

My opinions:
Opening performance was no need. (but I don't hate Moi-Moi)
Wanted to see transparent screen.
Camera work was shit. (sometimes Miku disappered depending on the angle Intermission was no need.
Too much medleys. (it's because of the intermission?

About camera work, it's terribly bad for fan viewed through Nikoniko douga and in theaters. It's no harm for Kashiwa-no-Ha fan. The stage went on with good sound and best fan led others. Possibly theater was the second best place to join.

The event itself was low quality with high potential anyway... The last year's one was too outstanding maybe. We really hope next ones go.

This is how rehearsal went on, almost the same in actual take.▼Youtube

"> A cut from the last year's party. Even a static image can punch us!

Nuru-Po:Anyway it was planned that the Naka no Hito (the voice actress) of Miku appeard at the stage in intermission, but something happend...

Denchu:I remember something when I saw Miku that director Popo drew by Comi-Po! yesterday... 'Negi-Ta', the green onion shaped Yuru-Chara in Yonago city in Tottori prefecture collaborated with Miku before.

Director Popo:Oh, so is the green onion on fried rice prepared at made in Yonago? If so, it's cool!
Go and report, Mr. Denchu!

Denchu:YOU should go, Popo!

Director Popo:Mmm... o.k., I'll do it Popo!